What do I need ?

The standard equipment to practice Judo is the Judo Gi, as shown here. However, we don't expect new members to turn up with one of these - if it's your first time at the club, just wear comfortable, loose clothing that doesn't have any sharp or hard parts to it.

If you intend to train with us regularly, we will require you to purchase a Gi, and so we offer members the opportunity to do so through the club throughout the year.

When practising judo, all articles of jewellery, wristbands, and anything else that could cause injury must be removed or, if this is not possible, taped up. Long hair must be tied back. It is also important to keep your hand and toe nails short.

You will also need a sports centre membership to access the centre itself, as is the case for all clubs that use the centre. In addition, whilst the first couple of classes with us are free, thereafter you will need to become a member of the Judo Club, and also of JudoScotland*, our governing body. [see next section for more information] 


    What will it cost ?

The first session or two are always free. 

If you wish to become a member of our Club, please pay the membership fee through the university's online shop by week 3 of term and inform the secretary once you have done so.

Membership types are as follows: 
  • Regular Full Year: £40
  • Regular Semester: £25

To be a member of our Club, you MUST be a member of JudoScotland. 

The fee for a membership with JudoScotland is £32 (+£2 for a record book).

JudoScotland membership can be purchased online on the JudoScotland website.

        What Will Training Involve?

A typical training session with us will involve a warm-up, learning of new techniques (or extending your knowledge of already-learned ones), some conditioning work, and a chance to test your skills in Randori (free practice). We aim for the training to be at a good pace, physically demanding yet enjoyable, and accessible to all.