Hello to all you kick-ass judo players, new or returning. The summer is, sadly, now over and it's time to put your gi's on and kick-start a new year. So, a few dates and reminders to get your hearts pumping and adrenaline flowing;

Monday, September 10th from 2pm to 8pm (Sports Centre's Sports Hall): Drop on by the fresher's sports fayre, a day where all the sports teams crowd into the Sports Hall and clamor for your attention. We are happy to answer any questions you have about judo, information about competitions, tell funny drunken stories about our socials, or even answer questions about St. Andrews in general; so come along and meet us 

Wednesday, September 12th from 12.30pm to 2pm (Sports Centre's Gymnasium): If you're new, the best way to figure out if you'll love judo is to try it out at our Give-it-a Go session. It'll give you a chance to get a real taste for the sport, helping you go through some of the basics so you get a feel for what our trainings are like. It also gives you a chance to meet the judo team and our coach Karen, so please drop by and give it a go.

Wednesday, September 10th starting at 10pm (Union): What better way to recover from training earlier than to come out, grab a drink or six and see what the club is like off the mats at Sinner's, the night of the month where all the sports clubs channel their energy into dancing and drinking in the Union. It always promises to be an entertaining night from shirtless water polo players to divers drinking from snorkels so take a shot and we'll see you there.