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    Judo is a combat sport whose roots lie in the martial art of Ju-Jitsu. It was originally developed and founded in 1882 in Japan by Dr Jigoro Kano. Specifically, Judo focuses on a series of throws, hold-downs, strangles and armlocks as a means of subduing the opponent.
It is now practised as a sport all over the world, and, having been included in the Olympics since 1964, it is a highly competitive sport that hosts many competitions around the world.

    Of course, judo comes in many forms: It is practised for fun, for fitness, to socialise and for self-defence to name but a few reasons. No matter how or why one begins judo, it is a fantastic sport and a fun way to get involved in the university.

Our Club:

Whether you're a beginner keen to try out a martial art or a seasoned judo player looking to stay in shape, the St. Andrews judo club is the perfect group for you. Training three times a week, we are coached by the Commonwealth Games bronze medalist Connie Ramsay; thanks to her, our training sessions are instructive, hard, but also fun. As a group, we get involved in the social side of University sports, attending sinners, sports ball, and hosting club potlucks or hitting the pub after training. You won't find a better group to join in St. Andrews. 

For more information about the St Andrews Judo Club, look under the 'Activities' section.

More Information:

For further information about Judo in all it's forms, we recommend

as it is an excellent resource, and can answer any questions you might have about the sport itself.

Here is also a video with a mashup of highlights from different judo competitions; these are professional judo players and some of the highest level competitors you will ever see. Don't worry; none of us at the club are this scary but this is a taste of what judo can look like. 

If you have more questions for us, you can Contact Us for details, or just come along to Training sometime, and we'd be more than happy to clarify any further inquiries or concerns.

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