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Weekly email

posted 22 Nov 2010, 01:50 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all,


A lot of information this week.


1.       We have our usual trainings as usual on Wednesday and Friday.

2.       Competition: this Saturday, from 12h to 15h in the Sports Hall, we are hosting the Scottish University Competition. Please, if you want to take part in the competition let me know ASAP. It is a friendly competition and there will be time for randoris with people from outside the club. If you do not want to fight, do come along as well, as this is a good opportunity to see judo in action. It is also important to have support for those taking part in the competition. I hope to see you all there. After the competition, we will go to the Christmas light turn on, the Red Hot Chili Pipers and the cèilidh in the streets.

3.       On Sunday the 5th of December. I will be leading a special training on the Nage No Kata. Following the new grading syllabus, you need to know some of it. This session will cost a special mat fee of 2pounds to the profit of the club. Do let me know ASAP if you intend on being there. I wouldn’t like to be throwing myself alone.

4.       Grading: there will be grading on the 10th of December. Until then, look at the theory here:

6 Kyu is for red belt, 5 Kyu for yellow belt (actually, the color of the belt is on the form). We will go over this theory together as well. If you have any question about anything on this syllabus, just ask me.

5.       Christmas Dinner: On the 10th of December, the first hour will be for grading, we will then go for a Christmas Dinner. If you have suggestion for a venue, let me know.

- Yann