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Judo Update: Post Reading Week

posted 15 Nov 2010, 13:18 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Hello, fellow Judokas! 


I hope your Reading Weeks have been productive and relaxing-- though it hardly seems productive without any Judo! There are a few things that need to be said before the Reading Week is up:


(1) Grading requirements: In order to be graded to a higher belt, you need to register with Judo Scotland. If you registered last year, you have to renew your membership and send us your licence number (

(2) Competition: We are hosting a competition on 27 November, and hope that everyone (including white belts) will fight or show up at the very least. 


Also, the committee is pleased to introduce two new initiatives (effective immediately after Reading Week): 

(1) Rewards Initiative: We are going to reward the member of Saints Judo who brings the most non-members to trainings. The reward will likely be a meal at the end of the semester, a round or three of drinks, or certain judo-related expenses paid by the club. When you bring someone new, just tell someone on the committee and we will keep track. 

(2) Mid semester Reduction: If there are people who want to join the club partway through the semester, we are now offering a low £15 half-semester fee. 

So, invite your friends to the next training!


On a more serious note-- if you are already a member, please keep the following in mind: 


We have worked to open more opportunities for returning Judokas to train and compete while also allowing for newcomers to learn the ropes and progress steadily. We are very lucky to have Karen coaching as she is very committed to the club and has experience teaching people of all levels.


To get the most out of training individually and collectively, you have to show up to the sessions. It's true that Judo is not a team sport in the traditional sense, but Saints Judo is a team. In order to progress individually, we have to have a friendly and supportive club. Also, it is hard to practice Judo effectively with only a handful of people. To encourage participation, we are enforcing the following: 


Grading: If you want to progress from to a red belt, yellow belt, etc., you have to show up to (most) trainings. You cannot progress if you do not show up to sessions. Note also that if there are too few people showing up, then it is harder for those who are serious about grading to get the practice they need. 

Fines: If there are not enough people to practice on Sundays or during coached sessions, we get fined for not using our time in the gym. As a small club, this is crippling. To allay hefty fines in the future, we will start to ask for contributions of £1- £3 from members. (Note: this will only apply to those who say they will come, but fail to show up without notice.)


We hope you have a great Reading Week (or what remains of it) and hope to see you next week!


Tom (twf3), on behalf of the Judo Committee