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posted 28 Nov 2010, 05:04 by Judo Club - Saints Sport


I would like to congratulate everyone for yesterday’s competition. It was a good event and we managed to do quite well.

Thank you to those you came to support the team and to help with the mats and all. Thank you to those who took part in the fighting. You all did very well.

I would like to offer special congratulation to Yernur who managed to get into the final of the pool for the novices. I would also like to congratulate Janko who did very well in his fight against Nikita: a wazari and a yuko. He also proved very good at linking standing fights with ground fights.  

We are now third in the league, even though we only fought in two of the four competitions.

I would be interested in knowing who amongst you is interested in fighting in competition again. I can prepare special trainings for you, within the regular trainings. Let me know if you want to improve your competition techniques.

I will see you all Wednesday, if you do not get snowed in.

-          Yann