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Fresher's 2014-2015

posted 30 Aug 2014, 05:03 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Hello to all you kick-ass judo players, new or returning. The summer is, sadly, now over and it's time to put your gi's on and kick-start a new year. So, a few dates and reminders to get your hearts pumping and adrenaline flowing;

Wednesday, September 10th from 11am-noon (Sports Centre's Gymnasium): If you're new, the best way to figure out if you'll love judo is to try it out at our Give-it-a Go session. It'll give you a chance to get a real taste for the sport, helping you go through some of the basics so you get a feel for what our trainings are like. It also gives you a chance to meet the judo team and our coach Karen, so please drop by and give it a go.

Wednesday, September 10th starting at 10pm (Union): What better way to recover from training earlier than to come out, grab a drink or six and see what the club is like off the mats at Sinner's, the night of the month where all the sports clubs channel their energy into dancing and drinking in the Union. It always promises to be an entertaining night from shirtless water polo players to divers drinking from snorkels so take a shot and we'll see you there. 

Saturday, September 13th from 11am-5pm (Sports Centre's Sports Hall): Didn't get a chance to make our give-it-a go session, but still want to learn more about judo and meet some current members? Then drop on by the fresher's sports fayre, a day where all the sports teams crowd into the Sports Hall and clamor for your attention. We are happy to answer any questions you have about judo, information about competitions, tell funny drunken stories about our socials, or even answer questions about St. Andrews in general; so come along and meet us

Last weekly email

posted 3 May 2011, 03:07 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all!!

This is the last week of judo before next September!! 

There is a training tomorrow evening from 18h to 19h30.

On Friday night, we have our last coached training.


We were also planning on going to the pub to celebrate the end of the judo year. Please, email me to let me know if Wednesday or Friday is best. 



- Yann

Weekly email

posted 11 Apr 2011, 01:26 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all,
I hope you all had a nice spring break! 
We have a few weeks left of judo and I suggest you take as much out of it as possible! After the 6th of May, there will be no judo training until the end of September!! So, come along for the next few weeks!

On Wednesday, we have our usual training for 18h to 19h30. I think I will be able to come along (even though I will not be able to do any judo yet). We will then go to the pub!

On Friday, we have our coached training from 19h to 21h. Next week is Good Friday and the week after is the Royal Wedding. This coached training is hence very important to attend!

Before the break, we had our AGM. Andy will be the captain for the upcoming year. Tom remains in the treasurer position. Neil is now safety officer. I will be social officer. 


- Yann

Weekly email

posted 21 Mar 2011, 02:39 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all,


This is the last week before the break!! We will be off for two weeks.


On Wednesday, we have our usual training from 18h00 to 19h30, followed by our usual social at Droughty’s. There were only two people at the training last week and it had to be cancelled. I hope more of us will be present this week.


On Friday, Karen will be there from 19h to 21h. I expect a lot of you to be there since this will be the last coached training before the break.


On Friday afternoon, we have our AGM from 2pm-3pm at the Union (in the main bar). This is very important for the future of the club. We have to keep a good committee up to ensure that judo can remain one of the best sports club in St Andrews! (or become one, if you are not as confident as me that it is the best club :p )


All the best

Weekly email

posted 14 Mar 2011, 02:02 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all,

Here are the events coming up:

1. Wednesday: usual fitness training from 18h to 19h30.

2. Thursday: visit to the Edinburgh Judo Club. At this point, we have 2 persons willing to go. Do let me know before Wednesday if you want to go.

3. Friday: coached training from 19h to 21h. 

4. Remember that next week, there will be an AGM to which all those who are students and who paid their membership for this semester are allowed to come and vote: AGM on the 25th of March from 14h to 15h in the union. I hope that some of you are considering taking up a position.

5. Hoodies update: no more information than in February. It seems that I just cannot get any information on this and we'd better forget about them...

All the best

- Yann

Weekly email

posted 8 Mar 2011, 01:16 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all,


I hope you all enjoyed the Budo Camp last Sunday. I have heard that it was a good session.


As usual, we have our fitness training on Wednesday followed by the Social.

On Thursday, there will be a pub quiz with all the other martial arts. Judo did well last year so need to keep our reputation up.

On Friday, Karen will be along for the coached training. Once again, be there on time! We pay for Karen and she has to rush from Edinburgh to be there on time on the Friday. If she can make it from Edinburgh, I’m sure we can all make it on time from St Andrews!


All the best

-          Yann

Pub Quiz

posted 8 Mar 2011, 01:09 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Hey Club,


Just to say that the Martial Arts Pub Quiz is this Thursday at The Rule at 8pm, and as we were so narrowly beaten last year it would be great to get a team together this year and see if we can do better!

So, if you are intrested, could you possibly drop me an email (hlt23) by tomorrrow so i can know what we can expect in terms of numbers.


Thank you,





AGM 25th of March

posted 3 Mar 2011, 09:28 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all,
There will be an AGM on the 25th of March from 14h to 15h in the union.
I would ask all of you to consider taking a role in the committee: they are all available. This is a good opportunity to get involved in the university life and it is good for your CV :p Information about the different roles can be found here: 
The person elected captain for the next year will have to attend a meeting on the 18th of April. 
If you cannot attend the meeting but would like a role in the committee let us know as soon as possible.
If you have any question, fell free to contact me. 


Here is what we have to discuss:
i) Receive and confirm the minutes of the previous AGM.
ii) Presentation of the clubs financial accounts for the year.
iii) Presentation of clubs projected financial situation for the forthcoming year, and the setting of all fees
iv) Presentation of Chairpersons report.
v) Election of officers to the management committee.
vi) Any other business brought before the meeting which has been submitted in writing to the secretary not less than seven days prior to the AGM, and any other business deemed relevant by the chairperson

Martial Arts Week

posted 3 Mar 2011, 02:54 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Hey Guys,


Im not sure if you know, as Tom has made a fantastic job of creating posters that the union are taking thier time about distributing, but next week is Martial Arts Week. This includes several events run by the martial arts clubs of st andrews and hopefully we will be able to have some fun and raise some money. The first event is the budo camp, a weekend (the 5th and 6th of March) that will see the sports center have beginner sessions in many different martail arts. Karen will be there coaching at 2.35 to 3.35pm on the sunday (and it would be good to have volunteer with her) and there is also the opportunity to try the different martial arts st andrews has to offer (admission to all the sessions will cost £10). Following this there is the budo show on the wednesday. There is also a pub quiz, where the martail arts teams will compete against each other, this will cost £1 per person and will be on thursday in the rule. Finally, there will be the Dragon Ball on Saturday the 12th, costing £12, with a ceilidh band, inflatable sumo suits and a DJ in venue one at the union i dont see how it can fail to be a good night, and i hope to see all of you there.


i also hope you will start noticing the posters around town soon,

If you have any question, contact me (hlt23)




Weekly email

posted 28 Feb 2011, 03:59 by Judo Club - Saints Sport

Dear all!

I hope you all enjoyed the trainings last week.

We will have our regular trainings on Wednesday from 18h to 19h30 followed by our usual social at Drouthy's . 
On Friday, we will have a coached training with Karen from 19h to 21h. 
Recall that if you want to train on the Sunday, you need to let me know ASAP.

May I remind everyone NOT to be late at the trainings. It is quite frustrating for those who get there at the right time to be waiting around uncertain if enough people will show up. It is also very frustrating to be placing the mats down without help. I say this because Karen had to call me last Friday to make sure there was still a training since she was alone in the gym with Tom. In the future, can you please make sure to be there on time or let someone know (not me for the next few weeks considering that I am still stuck in my cast) that you will be late. Thanks.

I hope to be back as soon as I can walk to the gym! Until then, enjoy the trainings!

- Yann

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